Travel to the Okanagan Valley and Enjoy a Full Day of Activities

Canadian Alps

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When you visit the Okanagan Valley, you will be able to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the Canadian Alps. It has been said that, it is the best place in Canada to enjoy mountain climbing. You can visit the place during the summer when the weather is quite nice. However, winter is the best time to visit the valley as the climate there is milder. The main attractions in the region are Pine Lookout, Prospector’s Park and the Big Lagoon.

okanagan valley

Besides travelling, a tourist can also enjoy other adventure activities while visiting the Okanagan. One of such activity is hiking. Hiking provides the delights of walking over the smooth surface of snow covered mountains. There are various routes that can be followed during hiking. The most popular route of the hiking includes Sunshine Coast, South Fork of the Okanagan River, and Cougar Mountain.

Another activity to enjoy in the valley is fishing. People who love to fish can easily catch fish in the wide river of the Okanagan River. Besides angling, one can also explore the nature beauty of the place. One can go for mountain biking in the valley, which will allow them to see a lot of interesting places. Another best option to travel to the area is to take a horse ride around the place.

A tour to the area will also make the tourists enjoy the culture of the area. Several tours and travel companies have their own cultural programmes in the area. These cultural programmes provide information about the ancient aboriginal ways of the Okanagan. During the tour, the visitors can also try the various native dishes. The food in the area is delicious and is made using the fresh fruits and vegetables. Travelers are sure to get a satisfying experience while travelling in the area.

fishers in river

While planning the travel to the Okanagan Valley, it is important to confirm the trip with the tour or travel company well in advance. This is because the travel services might be sold out in the final moments. In addition, one should also book the accommodation earlier so that one does not have to face last minute hassles while traveling in the beautiful and amazing valley.