Managing Your cash when you work for somebody else is easy. Your employer will take good care of creating sure each of the appropriate taxes and deductions are taken from your pay check. When you own your own business or are self employed, however, managing your money becomes rather tricky. Thankfully you do not have to be a cash genius to keep your business afloat. You also don’t have to be a money genius to create a profit!

The primary Trick to handling money when you work for yourself is to maintain strict records. Those records must be meticulously arranged. The last thing you need is for the government to re evaluate your finances because you’ve lost your enterprise lunch receipt! Trust us, things like this do happen! ( source: do you need a visa to go to jamaica )

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Here are some tips to help you manage your company money and make sure that everything gets taken care of correctly:

  • Make certain, with every sale you make, some of the profit gets put aside. You aren’t exempt from government taxation simply because you work on your own. The simple truth is that your taxes tend to be higher. That is because, unlike if you worked for somebody else, you are solely responsible for paying your own taxes to the government. eTA Sri Lanka As an employee, your boss took care of some of that financial burden for you. Put aside a set percentage of each sale you make in order that, when it comes time to pay your taxes each year, you will not be scrambling to find the money to keep the government happy.
  •  If math is not your strongest ability, You should spend a little additional money and hire a correct accountant. Having a skilled accountant will be a godsend if you don’t have experience with company finance. When you employ an accountant you can trust, you just hand everything over to them and they take care of making sure that your profits reach where they want to go-distributors, workers, the government, your bank accounts, etc..
  • Write everything down! Keep everything! Packrat when it comes to money and business. Keep every receipt; keep a Copy of every statement. This is not paranoia. You want to have a Physical listing of all cash coming into your company and all cash Leaving your business. Every previous pound has to be accounted for. Keep all Of your receipts and invoices in a central location. Document them by date So that they can be quickly located. This will save quite a bit of Time searching later on when someone wants to understand where you and a Customer had lunch on a certain moment.

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